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South Sudan High Frequency Survey

The High Frequency South Sudan Survey (HFSSS) documents the livelihoods, consumption patterns, and perceptions of South Sudanese citizens.

Using an innovative questionnaire design, the HFSSS aims to fill the lack of reliable data on South Sudan. This data can provide feedback to the government from their citizens and identify stresses early on.


A pilot conducted in 6 rounds monitored 143 households in a number of state capitals from 2012-2014.


In 2015, World Bank expanded coverage and depth of the survey and a full-scale first wave was conducted.


The first wave captured data from 3,550 households across seven of the country’s ten states.


The three most conflict-affected states are not included in the survey. The survey therefore does not constitute a national sample.

The HFSS survey system uses an innovative questionnaire design.

The HFSSS covers a representative sample of urban and rural areas, drawn randomly based on a stratified two-stage clustered design.

Enumerators from the National Bureau of Statistics use hand-held devices to upload data to a real-time market dashboard and record first-person video testimonials. While implementing the HFSSS has been challenging due to the ongoing conflict and low levels of capacity in South Sudan, the 2015 first wave has gone a long way in filling the data gap.


The Pulse of South Sudan website shares some of the world’s least represented voices.

This website is a culmination of the qualitative and quantitative research produced by the first-wave of the HFSS survey.

Hundreds of first-person video testimonials have been recorded by the South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics research team. These videos are translated into English so that you can access the power of this landmark survey.



HFSSS is a joint project of the National Bureau of Statistics of South Sudan and the World Bank, funded by DFID.



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