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Poverty Notes

The first wave retrieves a gloomy picture

The first wave of the expanded survey was conducted from January to October 2015 and allows a detailed profile of household welfare that is representative for both urban and rural areas across six of the country’s ten states.

The second wave will be conducted throughout 2016 and will allow for a more thorough analysis of the impact of conflict and more detailed poverty estimates.


South Sudan has a young – and increasingly young – population. Across most welfare indicators, rural households are worse off than their urban counterparts.


Unemployment and hunger remain prevalent. Access to schools, hospitals or markets is low and the sources of sanitation, lighting or cooking remain basic, especially for rural households.


There is an overwhelming pessimism expressed by households when asked about their government’s and local authorities’ ability to bring about change.


In 2015 the biggest threat to the average households was insecurity due to the civil war and violence, followed by a lack of economic opportunities.